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Making The Basics Fun

Hi, I'm Angie.  I am so honored to spend time with you and provide you with resources that make your teacher life easier and full of fun.  I have 25+ years of teaching experience.  My mission is to support you and your vision.  Being a teacher is the best and toughest job. I want to make sure you are smiling and enjoying your ride.  

I've taught it all (kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 3rd-5th combination class, gifted K-8, remedial K-5, ESL,  crosswalk guard, playground/lunchroom aid, curriculum coordinator and administrator.)  

Now I am a content creator, instructional coach, and author.  I help prek-2 educators bring engaging content and attitude into their classrooms so they can highly impact their students and end their day happy and energized. 

Let's get started.  


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