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Here's How Teaching History Is Better With A Podcast

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Here’s How Teaching History Is Better With A Podcast

Here’s how teaching history is better with a podcast. In this post you will get introduced to another great podcast for your classroom. Be sure to get your free printable to facilitate listening.

A Recap

We hear about the dangers of screen time, but as educators, we also know the importance of highly engaging media in our classrooms.  Solution: have you tried podcasts as a tool for instruction?

The past 3 posts have been about: What Are Podcasts? And The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd a podcast for the classroom, (make sure to get the free printable on that post) and Pants on Fire, (make sure to get the free printable on that post) another podcast perfect for the classroom.

Add To Your Classroom Podcasts

Today we will look at a podcast that will take you and your students back in time.  History is fascinating if presented in the right way. And I’m here to tell you “The Past and The Curious” has got it goin’ on.  

The Past And The Curious

When history is served up story style, our brains eat it up.  We instantly start to ponder about people and events of the past.  Our mind starts to connect the past with our present. That’s the draw of history done right. Connection.

Connection is what “The Past and The Curious” does best. In most episodes, an overriding theme is presented, and then the connections begin.

Printable Freebie

Every one of my posts has a freebie for you, and this post is no exception.

I made this printable template for you and your students.  Use it each time you listen to the podcast so that students can organize their thinking and present their conclusions.  Read to the end to find out how to use this freebie and how to get it. 

5 Part Template Printable Explained

Part 1 Historical Date(s)

Students will listen for the dates in time that the stories take place.  They will record the date or dates on the file folder. It’s important for students to know the date.  Why? Connection. What else was going on in the world at the time? How long ago did it occur? What was the culture of the time?

Historical Event/Person(s)

Each episode will make connections to an event or person or persons.  Have the students listen for the connections. Write it in the file folder.

Part 2 Facts

There are going to be a lot of facts flying around, and one or two of them are going to strike a chord with your students.  If they write down what they find fascinating, they will remember the fact and be able to reference later on in the printable.

Trivia Facts

These are the facts that don’t have much historical significance, but they are cause for wonderment and connection.  As humans, we love trivia. Use the power of trivia to engage your students.

Historical Facts

These are the facts that help to show significance to the person or event.  Why is this event and/or person(s) important? Talk to your students about the difference between trivial and historical facts.  They can use this section later on to complete a task about how history shapes our lives today.

Part 3 How Does This Event/Person(s) affect your life?

Here’s where your students are going to start making their own connections.  The skill of reflection and then communicating thought is sooooo important.

This is one of those questions that can evolve into a gratitude discussion.  When reflecting on the accomplishments, sacrifice, hardship, and adversity of another, help your students to see that a person from the past has made their life better.  Then take it a step further and talk about how their experience and struggles can make a difference for generations to come.

Part 4- How Would Your Life Be Different If This Event/Person(s) Were Not Part Of History?

Here again, students reflect on how life would be different.  This is where as a teacher you can insert a little “Growth Mind Set” reflection.  Ask students to think about how this person or people utilized grit and a growth mindset to influence history.  If they had given up how might our lives be different? How important was their determination? Again, students can draw or write about how they would have a different experience.  

Step 4 How would your life be different if this person would have given up.

Part 5 It’s Quiz Time

Every episode has a “Quiz Time.”  Don’t worry this quiz is fun. There are usually around 3 questions. Students can think of the answer and then write the real answer in the small box and then do a quick doodle in the large box.

If I were doing this podcast with my students, I’d pause the podcast after each question and allow them time to give an oral answer.   Then I’d resume playing the podcast and allow them to put the correct answer in and do a quick doodle.

The podcast usually resumes from here giving your students a chance to add any details to their paper that they’d like.  Or they can sit and listen.

As an extension, you can have student continue their research on the event or people featured in the episode.

Quiz Time on Listen, Connect, Reflect

Tech For Whole Group Listening

Do you have a speaker for your classroom? If you don’t it’s a great investment.  I like to get a portable speaker so I can move it around the room when needed. I’ve found a speaker that I love and here it is.  It’s a GGMM speaker. It’s loud, adjustable from the top and works with my smartphone via, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and direct-wire. For the home use I love it because it can sync via wifi to other GGMM speakers so I can play the same song throughout my house and patio.

I use this GGMM Speaker to listen to podcasts

More Great Podcasts

Podcasts are fun, free, and easy prep.  They teach skills that our students need. Here are 2 more podcasts that would be great for the classroom.  If you want me to make a printable for these, give me a shout in the comments below, and I will make it for you…

Brains On!

“Brains On!” is a great podcast that asks a question and then answers it.  You know those crazy questions kids ask, and you have no idea on how to respond. Do dogs know their dogs? How does a GPS know where you are? Make sure to check out my resource page to find a list of possible podcasts for your classroom. 

brains on podcast

But Why?

“But Why?” is  another podcast that answers questions. You can send in your own questions. This might be one your students enjoy.  

Make sure to check out my resource page to find a list of possible podcasts for your classroom.

From Gen-Z Media /Best Robot Ever

Gen-Z Media has a site called Best Robot Ever. It is a big, big collection of podcasts for kids.  It’s worth your time to check out this massive resource. Yes, it is the home of “Pants On Fire” the podcast we talked about here. It is also the home to 9 more podcasts.  It’s a gold mine of resources.

Comment and Until Next Time

That’s it for podcasts in the classroom.  I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and learn a little bit.  

Comment below on if you will use podcasts in the classroom.

Until next time be your amazing self. Keep trying new things in your classroom to see what fits the learning styles of your students.  And as always enjoy the ride of being a teacher. Some days are gold some days, meh, not so much, but every day you make an impact.

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