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Writing Template And The Blueberry Pancake Problem

This freebie is dedicated to my teacher friend Jane's grandson.  She read him the book The Blueberry Pancake Problem and he immediately thought he should do some writing too. 

I've had a bunch of kidos tell me they wanted to be a writer too.  (Oh, man pullin’ at my heartstrings) So I made this for you just in case you have some authors amongst ya.

 I made this printable so a student (or adult) could do the writing but there is also a space for the illustrations.  

I’ve also had students come up to me and ask, “What happened the next Sunday with the waffles?”  I always reply. “I don’t know. What do you think?” They always have the best ideas and they are anxious to record their own story.  

So here it is a simple and versatile printable. Love it.  


Well that’s it for this string of freebies.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and have put them to good use. If you didn't catch all of them then head back to:

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What's Next??

The next series of post will focus on getting you ready for a new school year.  Lot's more freebies and lots of tips and tricks to make this stressful time not so stressful.  You're going to look and feel like a Superstar teacher after I'm done with you.  

Until then,

Go be your AMAZING self.

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Angie K

Angie K

I love to help teachers create an amazing teacher life.
I've taught for 25+ years and I want to help you find joy and energy in each day.

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