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The Blueberry Pancake Problem Writing Freebie

The Blueberry Pancake Problem book can now be used with this writing freebie. 

Or watch the video and read the book.  So fun to do both.

(Yahoo for writing practice.)

Differentiate Writing Easily

How do you differentiate writing?  Well you tell group “A” (your low group to use 2 words from the list).  Tell group “B” (middle skill level) to use 3 words. Tell group “C” (high group) to use 4 or more words.  This just builds in a little bit of a challenge, or require more or fewer sentences.

The second pages is for your writers who just totally take off.  

You know the ones…. “Umm teacher”.  They say waving their paper in the air and speaking at the loudest possible volume.  “I’m done with this page. Can I have another.”

 Then, all the other kids go “Wow” while looking at the paper filled with 3 inch sized letters and marvel at the quantity of work their fellow classmate has produced.

Then the class looks to you for a response to the question.  And they think to themselves, “Ohhhhh Nooooooo, is there another page that I have to write on?  When will this madness end?”


Some of them take the challenge and inform you that they too will be needing another piece of paper for their pancake story.  

Well, I’ve got you covered.

Page 2 is ready and waiting for those budding young authors.  

Well, here you go.  Click here to get your freebie “Yummy Pancake Writing”

Remember to check out the Making The Basics Fun TpT store and if you haven’t already picked up “The Blueberry Pancake Problem” from amazon here’s the link to go check it out. If you want the free pdf book sign up to get it and more freebies. (pst… The Blueberry Pancake Book has a YouTube video that  goes with it.

Now, go be your amazing self.  

Be on the lookout for the next freebie.  It’s a graphing one. I’m betting you are going to love it.  

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Angie K

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