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Thinking About Next School Year

Many of you are getting out or are out of school, and I know what you are doing.

You are thinking about next year. Well that’s good and that’s bad. Give yourself a break.  

Self care goes a long ways in preparing you to be your most amazing self.

My plan to build you up this year is as follows:  Every Tuesday I will post a blog that helps you through your summer.  

Be ready for a bunch of freebies and encouraging words.  

A Few Great Websites To Check Out

Great Websites for K-2 classrooms

  • GoNoodle -Integrate productive movement into your classroom.
  • Storyline Online -Books read by professional actors.

  • BrainPopJr -Free or paid select a topic and find lots of info.
  • -Free or paid resources.  Love to play the interactive games on the interactive whiteboard. 
  • PBS Kids -This is another great place to go on the interactive whiteboard.  
5 Websites You Can't Live Without

As the middle of July and beginning of August start to hit I will start helping you out with tips, tricks and resources that will bring you into the new school year with the joy and energy that is going to sustain you the entire year.  

How am I going to do that… Well I can give you a hint. (Routine and Procedures with a fun twist)  

The power of procedures and routine.  Sounds kinda boring but I am here to tell you it is the cornerstone of success.  I promise it’s what’s going to make your day full of joy. (oh, and your students day’s going to be pretty dern’ good too.)

Success = happy, joyful, energized teacher. 

No Success = sad, crying in the shower, grumpy teacher.  (oh yeah, I’ve been there too.)

Until then check out these websites. I have found them to be excellent and worthy of my time and my student’s time.  

What websites do you like?  Comment below and share your expertise.  Thanks!!!

See you all next week. 

Now Go Be Your Amazing Self.  


Share Like A Boss

Angie K

Angie K

I love to help teachers create an amazing teacher life.
I've taught for 25+ years and I want to help you find joy and energy in each day.

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