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Back To School Supply List For Teachers

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75+ Classroom Supplies For Teachers

What are the classroom supplies you need for your the new school year? Keep reading to download the free 75+ Classroom Supplies for Teachers checklist.  This list also includes a list of personal self care items that will bring joy into your teacher life.

Three Cheers For Teacher School Supplies

School supplies- Do you love them as much as I do?  It’s definitely one of the perks of being a teacher.  You get the excitement of getting a fresh pack of markers every year.  If you are a new teacher you are probably a bit overwhelmed at all the “stuff” out there. ( Love you Target…. You are speaking my language in your dollar seasonal section!!!)

Stock Up Now To Be Prepared For Later

What supplies do you need for your classroom?  It can be really overwhelming and many times you forget supplies and then when you need them you are out of luck.  To make sure you are on your game, and being your amazing teacher self, let’s get organized with a Classroom Supply List For Teachers.  I’ve got a complete checklist waiting for you.

4 Categories On This Checklist

I’ve compiled a list of classroom supplies for you.  Print it out, or download it to your phone. It’s divided into 4 parts.  The Essentials, The Non Essentials, Luxury, and Self Care. I’ve also included a blank page for you to fill in your own specific items.

The Essentials

This is the list of must haves.  Make sure to shop your classroom first.  You will find items like pencils, paper clips etc.  What you will also find are some items that you might think should go in the luxury category.  

One such item is the electric stapler. I feel like this is a must have item. Especially after stapling hundreds of thousands ( Yes, Hundreds of thousands, No Kidding, Ask my poor sore hand) of pieces of paper together, it’s a classroom supply that I simply could not live without.  It not only saves me time but my sanity. (And sanity is a teacher’s best friend and oh so easily lost.)

Some Supplies Are For YOU ONLY!!!

Here’s a pro tip. Don’t let the little ones use the electric stapler tool.  I’ve had the misfortune of not hiding it when I’ve had a sub only to come back to a sad faced note informing me that the electric stapler is jammed because students used it and the sub was unable to unjam it. (UGGGGGGGGGG)

The Non-Essentials

These are the items that if you don’t have them, you won’t die.  They are things like smelly markers, disinfecting spray and magnets for the whiteboard (just to name a few).  They are supplies that you can improvise on. Like,instead of magnets for the whiteboard you use tape. Not ideal but you can make it work.


These are supplies that make a classroom cozy. Some include, plants, lamps, and pillows. These are the “cremedelacreme” and how you put your personal touch on the environment.

Self Care

This is the last category but really it should be the first.  You need to take care of yourself and you need some classroom supplies to get the job done.  

I’ve also included a blank page for you to write down more as you see fit.  Everyone has a list of must haves and everyone’s looks a little different from the next.  (On my must have is the electric stapler and pencil sharpeners)

GET THE 75+ Item Classroom Supply Checklist Here

Here you go 75+ Classroom Supply List to make your classroom supply shopping easy and complete.  Get your free download by filling in the form above. To make things even better I will also send you my book “The Blueberry Pancake Problem” PDF and bunches of free printable resources to go with the book.  If you haven’t seen the video check it out here.

Now go be your amazing shopping self.  Get yourself a cool drink and get busy supplying your room with all the “stuff” that makes your classroom a reflection of you.  

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