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Freebies And Resources For Teachers

Tools For The Teacher

Finding useful resources for for teachers and their classroom can take a lot of time. I try to keep it simple with a growing list of  the best of the best freebies and other resources for teachers. These are products that I’ve used or are seeing other teachers use with great results. 

In the spirit of transparency and honesty I must disclose:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with, or have seen the value of all of these resources for teachers, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. 

As always, if you have any questions about any of the resources for teachers found on this page I’d be very happy to help you.  I am here for you.  

Making The Basics Fun - Freebies and Resources for Teachers

Picture Books That Teach

The Blueberry Pancake Problem

by Angela Kantorowicz​
Written by yours truly, this is a fun counting book about the day Vashti ate too many blueberries.  Practice counting by 1s and 5s.  Click here to check out this fun book.  Lot’s of freebie printables (see below) and even a YouTube Video to help facilitate learning in the classroom.

Dot-To-Dot & Graph Count By 1s

Dot-To-Dot & Graph Count By 1s Book

by Angela Kantorowicz

Counting and graphing fun for the K-1 kid. This book is packed with 72 fun Dot-To-Dot & Graph pages. Plus you get bonus number writing pages and coloring pages for extra learning fun. Keep them busy. Keep them learning. 

Free Teaching Resources Made By Making The Basics Fun

Bundle Resources

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A truly independent activity for students. 

Classroom Supply Checklist​

Make sure you have what you need for your classroom. Download this complete list. (popular resource)

Teach Using Podcasts - Free Printable Library

Give A Listen

For A Story-Based Podcast. Great For Early Primary Students. Click Here for The Post on Using Story-Based Podcasts

Pants On Fire Podcast​

A Student Favorite. Who’s the Liar, Liar Pants on Fire? Great for students 2nd grade and above. Click Here For The Post On  Using The Podcast “Pants On Fire” 

The Past and The Curious- Podcast​

Make History Come Alive With The Podcast “The Past and The Curious”. Click Here For The Post On Using The Podcast “The Past And The Curious” 

Gratitude & Grit Journal

Gratitude & Grit Journal

Use this for yourself or with your students. Watch your growth mind-set flourish.

Songs For Classroom Management And Teaching

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance by The Fresh Beat Band (#17 on this album) is a class favorite. Perfect for a brain break.

Charlie Brown Theme

The Charlie Brown Theme Song is 1:10 long. Perfect for fast transitions. This is one of my favorites.

Beautiful Life​

By Ace of Base. Starts slow and builds. I used only the first 30 seconds or so. Perfect for transitions.  3:39 long

Shine Your Way

By Owl City. 3:27 long. A happy song great for clean-up and other longer transitions.

Good Time

By Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. A feel good fast pace song. I used it at the end of the day. 3:26 long


Happy by Pharrell Williams is a classic.  Love it for transitions.

Touch The Sky

By Ace of Base. Starts slow and builds. I used only the first 30 seconds or so. Perfect for transitions.  3:39 long

Dance Kung Fu

I used Dance Kung Fu after “rest time”. It’s like a guide dance.  Great for getting the body moving.   2:46 long

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain kid style.  Love this song and love it’s short length.-1:43

Pink Panther Theme

I used this to “sneak” around finding students who were ready at the end of the day. 3:08 long.  A Favorite!!!

Podcasts For The Classroom

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Old time radio style. Teach story structure and history. Free Printable below.

Pants On Fire

Can you spot the liar? Critical listening skills practice. Free printable below in “Free Teaching Resources”

The Past And The Curious

It’s history for kids. (But you will love it too.) Free printable in “Free Teaching Resources”.

Brains On!

Brains On! is a fun kid centered science podcast. Science questions are answered.

But Why​

By kids for kids. Questions and Answers. Great way to do a deep dive into content studied in the classroom.

Classroom Tech​

Portable GGMM Speaker

This is the speaker I’ve used in a classroom. PS. I have two at home. Check it out to see if it fits your needs.

Classroom Management Tools

SitSpot Circles

SitSpots are perfect to show  kids where to sit and stand. I used to cut up the circles (because I’m cheap). Say good buy to tape on your floor.

PreK-2nd Grade Supplies

Alphabet Stamps​

Alphabet stamps are a must-have in any primary classroom. I used these in my kinder and first-grade classroom.   Click The Image For More.

Magnetic Letters

These foam magnets have so many uses.  Easy to handle and they actually stay put on a metal surface. Must have for stations and small group instruction. Click The Image For More.

Latest Creations - Ocean Tube Inflatable

Paint Brushes

I used a few different sizes. Your will need a variety of sizes depending on how much detail you want to do. I like the 3 biggest brushes.

20" Fan With Pivoting Head

I  recommend a fan with a pivoting head because then you can have some flexibility on where to place the air ducts on the side of the inflatable.

Clear Sealer

Add a little extra protection. A light spray of this will help protect the paint. Caution: Too much will make the black sharpie run.

6 Mil Plastic​

Cut to two pieces to your desired length. The 6 mil thickness is sturdy yet inflates.

Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape

This stuff is amazing. Sticks like none other and is clear.  It will stand the test of time and not get brittle or change color.

Black Chisel King Sharpie

The King Chisel Black Sharpie is great for this projects.  Nice thick black lines.

Measuring Tape

Happy measuring. Great for student use too. They won’t cut themselves on metal and it winds up under human power.

Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint

Make sure to use multi-surface acrylic paint. I think it will wear better.

Free Color Sheets Made By Making The Basics Fun

Hello Spring

Free Spring Color Sheet!! Enjoy!!

Organization Solutions

Multi-Purpose Storage

These are perfect for materials that measure 4×6 inches.  Great for literacy and math center games and supplies.  Organize sight words, supplies, etc.

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