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Learn letter sounds and sight words with this new tool

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A New Easy Tool for Learning Letters, Letter Sounds And Sight Words

Does practicing letters, letter sounds, and sight words take up a large part of your day? Here’s a great new tool that is low prep and high engagement for your students. It can be used in an independent center or as homework. No sitting with individual students doing flashcards or cut and paste activities. Get your free download now.

Last Tuesday I talked about this cool new tool that I’ve developed for you and your students. (Go to that post now and don’t forget to get your free download.)

This week I’m going to go further into this product and what it can do to make your teacher life better.

The Fun Way To Practice Letters, Letter Sounds and Sight Words

Here are the key components and advantages to this sweet new tool.

30 Pages

This set has 10 “levels” that each have 3 corresponding pages. So there is Form 1a,1b,1c, 2a,2b,2c… You get the idea.

Why 3 Versions Of The Same Form?

You may wonder why you’d need 3 different versions that address the same skill.  Well I’m glad you asked because I think that’s one of the reasons I think you are going to LOVE this tool. Did I mention the QR Codes that help with the independent guided practice opportunities. 

QR Code Skills Practice of letters, letter sounds and sight words

3 Opportunities To Practice The Same Skill

Here’s the story: You have a student.  They struggle. They need to practice these skills – like… ALL THE TIME!!!!!.  They need practice in the regular classroom. They need practice in the pull out program.  They need practice at home. Whew… And you need to try and find 3 resources that address the same skill. (Ummm, yah… easy….. NOT!!)

That’s why I did 3 versions of the same form.  One for the regular classroom. One for the pull-out program and one for home.  Or, you could use form “a” one week and form “b” the next and form “c” on the 3rd week.

(I can see you doing a happy dance…. I’ll do it with you. Laaaa, laaa, laaa.)

Perfect For a Parent Volunteer

I have to address the issue of having parent volunteers. I’ve talked a bit about volunteers in the classroom here. (Click here to go to that post.)

You know, they come in, you are MOSTLY glad to see them, and then you have to find something for them to do that is not too hard but will be useful for the student and that they will leave your classroom saying to themselves “Holy schmoly olie, that teacher’s got it going on… Wow! What a great learning environment.!!!”  Not an easy thing on the spur of the moment. Well now you have something…. Yahoo.

Practice pre-reading skills Easy For Classroom Volunteers

Copy these, put them in a binder with one that will face the child and one that will face the volunteer when the binder is set up like a tent.  Then it’s like a practice, progress monitor session going on.


If the volunteer wants to use the QR code and do things that way… cool… go for it.

Scope and Sequence

Being a former curriculum director I appreciate the “Scope and Sequence”.  It really is handy when planning. I like to pull it out when doing lesson planning for the long and short term.

Scope And Sequence for letters, letter sounds and sight word practice

Scope and Sequence is also useful for when an administrator walks in and says, “So what is this?”  That’s when you whip this baby out and throw it towards them while at the same time carrying on with the lesson or activity they have now barged in on.  

It gives them something to read and put in their folder and, it looks good to have something official to give them.  

Freebie Alert, Freebie Alert

Well that’s it for now.  I’m going to give you another little taste of this cool new tool. (humm, cool new tool, cool new tool… say that 5 times fast…. Nope can’t)

Then in a few more days I’m going to have another post and another free download.  With some more advantages and tips and tricks that this cool new tool is going to bring into your teacher life.  

Now as some of you know, if you are on my email list (and you signed up before 9/27/18)- you got this product for free.  Lucky you.

For those of you who haven’t signed up you are going to want to sign up today so you can get in on future freebies.  If you don’t sign up you are going to miss the next big freebie coming out soon.

Letter, Letter Sound and Sight Word Practice with QR Codes

Next Time...

Next time I’ll talk a bit more about this tool and the other components and advantages of implementing it into your classroom.  If you missed the freebie package last week (you only got it by signing up with your email by 9/27) You can head over to my TpT store and pick up the complete set.  Click here to go to my TpT store. 

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