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Another Freebie- Yessss!!!!

The Blueberry Pancake Problem - Math Freebie - Blueberries For Sale

Oh Yah,  Another Freebie in a series.  This math freebie lets your littles practice counting 1s and 5s with a money theme.  

The first page let’s your students practice rolling a dice (die-whatever), to see how many blueberries are in their bag. 

They draw in the blueberries and then determine the value of the bag based on each blueberry being worth 1¢.  

Then they write the value using the ¢ sign in the blank provided.  

This math freebie is perfect for a math center or homework.  It correlates perfectly with the book “The Blueberry Pancake Problem.” 

Have you seen the YouTube video.  It’s perfect for math/literature integration. 

blueberries for sale real

There is also a page where they practice counting by 5s.  Each blueberry is worth 5¢.  

So there you go my friends.  

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