Real or Nonsense Compound Words- Freebie

A Real or Nonsense Compound Freebie for YOU

Ahhhh, what a great day to work on compound words.  It’s also a great day to give you a freebie about compound words. 

One great thing to do with all these freebies is to print them and have them available in a sub tub.  You have the option of a book (which currently you can find on amazon) or video (which you can find here) to introduce the book and then use the freebies from there. 

Students as young as 3 and as old as 11 have enjoyed this book. It has inspired some of my past students to write and publish their own books and if that’s not the world’s best compliment I don’t know what is.   

Well I’ll quit my blah, blah, blahin’ and give you what you came here for.  

Make it Fun with this Extension Activity

This is a pretty easy activity.  Students are given 2 spin dials to create a real or nonsense compound word. 

They they write the words in the columns provided.

Here’s where it gets fun…

When they come up with a nonsense word they will want to share it.  

Put up a big piece of paper somewhere in the room where they can write it down for all to see.  I’ve had students spend a lot of time just re-reading the words.  

Take it one step further and create a “Nonsense Compound Word” book.  Everyone gets a words and illustrates it. They can also use it in a sentence or write a story.

Its a perfect activity if you are using Dr. Seuss books and activities.  Very Seussical.  (Humm is that a word?)

Now go be your amazing self 

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I can’t wait to take the next step in having a closer connection with you.

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