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Fun Math Printables for Christmas time

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Fun Christmas Dot-To-Dot and Graph To Add To Your Math Activities

Kindergartners and First Graders love dot to dot printables. These connect the dots also include a graph to incorporate math fun and learning into these Kindergarten/First Grade math activities.

An Engaging Worksheet?- Yes!!

We all know how much students love dot to dot printables.  They like to connect the dots to find the hidden picture. How can these easy dot to dot worksheets turn into an engaging kindergarten math activity? Simple, by adding a picture graph to the dot to dot it is now a fun and engaging kindergarten graphing worksheet.

preview page of dot to dot and graph count by ones

How about first-grade students?  They like dot to dots too but they are way past counting by ones.  Counting by 5s, 10s, and 2s are the dot to dots for them. Then they can complete the graph.

IMG 0210

Building Number Sense In December Is Fun

Today we are going to talk about number sense and using dot to dot printables with a graphing twist.

When I taught kindergarten I scoured the web for dot to dots for my students.  They loved them but there was a problem.

Worksheets That Take 30 Seconds To Complete Are Worthless

They completed them in about 30 seconds and then they were done.

That got me thinking… Is there a way to extend the fun and engagement of a dot to dot with a math activity like graphing?


Christmas Dot-To-Dot and Graph, Free Downloads

That’s why I created the Dot to Dot and Graph series.

First, they do the dot to dot

Step 1 Connect the dots

Then they look at the graph to determine which objects in the dot to dot they need to find and count.

Step 2 Complete the Graph

They count the object and then graph.

Now they can color and get creative with the dot to dot.  

It’s a dot to dot, search and find, graph and color sheet all in one.

Step 3 Color the Picture

Count By 5s, 10s, and 2s

If counting by ones is too simple for your students then use the count by 5s

Or the count by 10s with the bonus count by 2’s

Christmas and Dot-To-Dots....Magical

I don’t know what it is about dot to dots printables that make them so magical for students.  They really can’t see the picture before the lines have been drawn in.

Do your own experiment.  Show them this freebie Dot to Dot and graph. Ask them what the picture will be once they have completed it.

Cover of Dot-To-Dot and Graph Christmas Count by 1s

Even Count by 1s Can Be a Challenge

I am bettin’ they are not going to know.  It’s some sort of developmental thing.

That’s why even though they are counting by 1s they are still searching for that next number.  We as adults could complete it without counting but those little lovelies are actually practicing their sequential counting and strengthening their number recognition skills when they do even the simplest of dot to dots.

A Daily Graph

Graphing in kindergarten and first grade is a must.  Some teachers do a daily graph. Here’s an easy way to get a daily graph into your day with very minimal effort.  

What better way for your students to learn to organize, display and interpret data?  Graphing worksheets are the gateway tool into the skills of independent graph making.

Daily Graph for Kindergarten

A Freebie For You Stocking

So if you haven’t grabbed your free Dot to Dot and Graph here it is.  Just click the image down below and it’s yours.

For the subscribers to this blog, you will be getting it all the sets free sent right to your email inbox.  You are getting the count by 1s, 5s, and 10s (with the bonus 2s) That’s 32 free printables just because you signed up to get this free email before 12/12/18.  

Want More???

For the rest of you it is all available at my TpT Store here are the links.  

Christmas Count by 1s Dot-To-Dot and Graph

Christmas Count by 5s Dot-To-Dot and Graph

Christmas Count by 10s (bonus 2s) Dot-To-Dot and Graph

If you want to become a subscriber just sign up on the side and then confirm your address by checking your email and confirming.  You won’t want to miss any freebies.

One More Freebie Before You Go

This year as a special gift there is a set of 12 Color Sheet/Templates included with each set. These can be used in so many ways. Here’s a free sample for you.  Merry Christmas.  Just click the image below to get your free download. 

Sign Up Before 12/12/18 To Get It All Free

If you sign up before 12/12/18 I will send the 32 dot to dot printables to you and more. (Like The Blueberry Pancake Problem book and activities) After 12/12/18 the dot to dots won’t be free so get signed up before it’s too late.

Holiday Teacher Stress

If you didn’t catch the post about stopping holiday teacher stress head over to the last post found here.  As always there are free downloads for you.

There is also a post about using dot to dot and graphs with a back to school theme found here.

Click Here to go to that post.

Here’s the Video To Get You Started.

Until Next Time...

Have a great week and keep that spring in your step.  Remember to give yourself plenty of rest and self-care.  This time of year can be rough but you can do it. I believe in you.

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