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Get Sub Tub and Distance Learning Resource Ready

In Episode 20, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…

Let’s get some free resources into your sub tub. Or maybe you will use them for distance learning.

Today you will get 3 sub tub friendly resources. If you haven’t heard of the book The Blueberry Pancake Problem today is your lucky day.

This is a picture book is perfect for a sub tub, and comes with a ton of reading and math freebie activities. Put it in a sub tub or use it in your distance learning classroom.

Ready to build that sub tub? Let’s start rockin’ today’s episode. 

sub tub RTTT

Listen Here

Episode 20 At A Glance

Time Stamp
Intro: 0:06
Special Note: 0:40
Opening: 1:35
Main Content: 3:11
Ideas Of How to Use These Resources: 7:10
Sub Tub talk: 9:19
Summary of The Blueberry Pancake and suggested activities: 11:47
Early Finisher Solution Info 25:17
Closing: 28:50

Teacher Resource Recommendations

The Blueberry Pancake Problem PDF book (available free until Sept. 30, 2020):

The Early Finisher Solution

Tired of hearing the words, "Teacher, I'm done. Now what?"

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    Angie K

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