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Get these Free Turkey Time Activities To Engage Your Students

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means it’s time for all things turkey.

Are you ready for some new and fresh ideas?  Throw out those old worksheets and make this a month to remember.

Are You Getting All Of This For Free???

For my email subscribers you will be getting ALL of these free in an upcoming email on 11/9/18 and, or the rest I am giving a sample of freebies and a glimpse into what my email subscribers are getting for free. (Maybe it will convince you be part of our Fun Seeker Teacher Club) Let’s get this turkey party started. Sign up by 11/8/18 and I will send all of this to you in one amazing email delivered on 11/9/18.  Be on the lookout for all you free resources.

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Video and Reader

The next few months are going to get a little crazy.  Let’s make your teacher life a little better with a video and an easy prep reader.  

Print out this reader and watch this video. Practice reading.  Watch the video with the reader in hand. Lots of options…. easy…. fun…. done…. go home early.

Colorful Turkey Time Reading 1

Print Friendly Colorful Turkey Version -It's Black and White and on One Page

If you aren’t in love with the colorful reader here’s a single page black-line.  Use it in a poetry notebook. Use it to find letters, words etc. Use it for a guided reading lesson.  Color it up. Watch the video… easy… fun… and, done. (Oh, man I love sayin’ that.)

First Freebie

You get the black line poem as a freebie…. Yahoo.

Click the picture above or this link. Colorful Turkey One Page Download

Head to my TpT store for the reader.  You Get both the color and black and white version of the book.  

Head to YouTube for the video.  I made it just for you. Keep scrolling to see it. 

Want more turkey stuff???? Want more freebies????

Let’s keep rollin’!!!

Turkey Time is Math Time

Here’s a Turkey Time Hundreds Chart.  There are countless uses for hundreds charts.  One of the go to activities was to print a hundreds chart and cards 0-9.  Stack the cards in a pile face down. Students draw two cards. Arrange the cards to make a number.  Locate the number on the hundreds chart and mark it with a crayon/marker etc. When you can get 5 in row, you win.  

Increase Skill Difficulty- Easily

To make this same version more “rigorous” add 10 to every number or subtract 10 from every number created with the cards.  or 5, or 7, …. You get the idea.

Here’s Your Second Freebie

You’d like to play this game???? You got it…. It’s another freebie for you in your class.

Print and let the students do the cutting out of the cards etc.  easy… fun… and, done… (Oh, yah!!!!)  

Re-Download this after 11/11/18 to get revised version.  I had a typo on the hundreds chart… my bad.  Sigh.  


Want More???? Of Course You Do. Who Wouldn’t?

It’s Turkey Sudoku

It has 15 games in all.  I wanted to make sure you could reach all abilities and every student  had a chance to strengthen their problem solving skills so you get 5 beginner games, 5 intermediate games, and 5 advanced games.

This is great for stations and early finishers.  Free for my email subscribers. (You will be getting it in an email on 11/9/18.) For the rest, if you love it, head to my TpT store and snatch it up after 11/9/18…. It’s a steal at 3 buckaroos.

Sudoku Turkey Time Math Activities

Now you could just print these puppies out and use them in class or…. you could print laminate and have them for use again and again….

You might like the idea of making them into reusable laminated games because then as students advance in their skills they can play the next level.

Leveled and Color Coded to Keep You Organized

You don’t have time to find missing game pieces.

I taught kindergarten – first grade for many years and if there’s one thing that I know for sure is this…

No matter how hard I try… game pieces ended up missing, destroyed, in the wrong container etc.  Keeping everything perfectly organized is an exercise in futility.

So with that in mind, you get each game color coded so if a game piece drops on the floor (and it will) you know which game it belongs with… and if for some reason you need more game pieces you have an extra page of game pieces to use if/when you need them.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending time making a cute game only to find that you can only use it once because the game pieces are mixed up, destroyed or missing…. grrrrrrr.

Keep yourself out of the frustration zone… It’s totally avoidable.

Frustration Number 2…. “Teeeeeacheeeeer, Is This Riiiiight?”

Also, if you’re like me when a students says, “Teeeeeacherrrrrrr, did I do it riiiiiight?” There is zero time to look at a sudoku puzzle and figure it out in your own head… yah, their “easy” but …

turkey sudoku set example e1541554599170
turkey sudoku answers e1541554691117

COME ON when you are teaching the littles and all the


and distraction are

flooding down on you…

and you totally need to cheat… ( I mean an answer key.)

Let Them Correct Their Own Work

That’s why you get answer cards.   Yah, then the students can check themselves and it really can be independent.   I’m going to say it again… easy…. fun…. and done.

Here’s a Freebie sample.  Just click on the picture to get your download.  Enjoy!!

Ok, that’s it for now buuuuttttt, making your teacher life better is what this blog is all about so make sure you come back next week for a few more games you can use the hundreds chart.

I promise more freebies for everyone and something special, (as always for the Fun Seeker Teachers that follow this blog via email get it all free.) Whaaaat? You want to be a Fun Seeker Teacher too?  Well, nothing would make me happier. Sign up over on the side. Get yourself the free pdf book “The Blueberry Pancake Problem” and then (more importantly) you are on the list (make sure to confirm your email) to start getting free stuff from the day you sign up on.  Get everything in this post for free by signing up before 11/8/18 and I will send out the freebie packed email on 11/9/18. PS. Can’t wait to meet you.

turkey sudoku printed e1541554890731

Until, next time…Keep being your amazing self.  I am thankful for you.

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