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Gobble Up These Amazing Thanksgiving Printable Activities - Freebies

Gobble up these fun Thanksgiving  printable activities and finger plays for your classroom. Use Turkey Shape Book Template for holiday writing like turkey recipes or use the 7 turkey number sense games perfect for kindergarten-4th grade. These Thanksgiving printable activities, finger plays and bonus thanksgiving color sheet are sure to please.

The Turkey Printables You Already Have

You’ve already gobble, gobble gobbled up the free Thanksgiving printable activities from last week. (Click Here If  You Missed It) Your students are engaged in Turkey Sudoku, Turkey Poetry, and 5 Turkey Number Sense activities using 100 and 120 charts. Whew… but Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away, and you need more Thanksgiving printable activities.

The Turkey Printable Activities You Are Getting Today

Today I am going to give you 2 more, easy, easy prep Thanksgiving printable activities. (and a few bonuses along the way.)

You need Thanksgiving printable activities that take seconds to prep and provides hours of engagement. These printables are better than the typical Thanksgiving worksheet pdf that you will find around the web.

Well, here it comes.

Turkey Time Template Book

First is the Turkey Time printable turkey template book. This printable turkey template shape book can be used in a bunch of different ways.

Turkey book 13 e1542202027327

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Reading Response Journal
  • Vocabulary Explanation
  • Thankful Book
  • Thanksgiving Creative Writing
  • Colorful Turkey Book- (write the color word in the box and color the turkey… make a book of colorful turkeys.)
  •  Math word problem journal for Thanksgiving
  • Science Journal
  • How to Cook a Turkey Book
  • Writing Center

Easy Assembly

Remember when using this turkey template book to use the two vertical lines on the front cover to guide where you place the staples.  I made these so even the youngest author could assemble their book by themselves.

Special Ideas for Content

One idea found in the video above is to make a book for each child that is filled with a page from each of their classmates describing or saying things that they are thankful for, in that person.

Distribute the Turkey writing page that fits your needs best. I was thinking of the blank page because then students could also draw if they wanted to. (Maybe to describe a time when the person was kind or helpful.)

Thanksgiving Printable Activities. Turkey Shape Book

Student Thankful Book

Students write the name of the person they are writing about in the name blank on the bottom of the page and then write and/or draw about that person.

Each Student Gets A Personalized Book

Write about one or two students a day. Then once each student has been written about, the students get their papers handed back to them. They get a cover page that they can color/decorate and then cut out all their turkeys and assemble their book.  

I think many students may keep this book for a keepsake and positive memory.  

That’s just one idea… I’m sure you will come up with lots more.  

For your freebie, you get the cover for free. Just click the image below and enjoy!!!!

How Will You Use It?

Leave a comment down below to let others know how you will use this book.

I am giving everyone the cover for free. If you want, then you can make your own templates.   

If you follow me by 11/15/18, I will send the complete book of templates to your inbox on 11/16/18.  If you’d rather just buy it, go to my TpT Store and get it there. Thanks in advance for your support.

Thanksgiving Printable Activities. Turkey Shape Book

Another Turkey Activity???? You Got it.

You loved the freebie from last week and now it is even better with the addition of work mats.  

In this freebie, you get to download your free 100 and 120 charts (the freebie from last week) and work mats 1 and 2.   


If you want the complete “Find The Number” Turkey Style set of charts and work mats, check out this product I have at my TpT store. (Don’t worry email subscribers I sent this out to you free on 11/11/18. So be on the lookout.)

Last Weeks Number Sense With Pizzaz

The above freebie from the last post (See it here) needed a little more pizazz and differentiation to reach all learners.  These learning mats are just the ticket for structuring the differentiation easily and quickly.

Last Weeks Freebie

7 "Find The Number" Games

This game is called Find The Number.  Using the number cards and a learning mat students can practice 7 different learning activities.

You can read about each game on the direction page or down below or just watch this quick video.

Easy To Learn Game Structure

The games are all very similar so once you teach the structure of one game your students will understand for the rest.  

Cover For Turkey Time 7 Find The Number Games

Game 1

The first activity is for beginning number sense.  


  •  Mat 1
  •  number cards
  • 100s chart
  • pencil/crayon/dry erase 

Place the number cards face down in a pile and draw 2 cards. Make a 2 digit number by laying the cards on the work mat.  Then find the number on the hundreds chart. When they get 5 numbers in a row, they win.


Turkey Time "Find The Number" Game, Mat 1

Game 2

A second activity is just like the first except you use the 120 chart and mat 2.

Materials: number cards, mat 2, 120 chart. Place the number cards face down in a pile and draw 3 cards. The student can decide to play all three cards or just 2. The student arranges the cards on the mat to form a 2 or 3 digit number and then finds that number on the 120 chart and colors it in.  When they get 5 numbers in a row, they win.

Mat 2

Just a pro tip here… remember to use all of the “1” cards because there are 30 numbers with a “1” in them so I made an extra “1”s page to help you. Also, I use the blank cards as “wild” cards. They can write any number they choose to help them make a number for their mat.

Here's Your Freebie Mat 1 and 2

Here’s your freebie. It’s Mat 1 and 2.  Click on the image below to ‘gobble, gobble, gobble’ it up. Enjoy.  

Game 3

Third activity student will develop mentally adding 10 to a number.  

Materials: number cards, mat 3, 100 chart, marker/crayon.

Place the numbers cards face down in a pile and draw 2 cards.  Students build the number and then add 10 to the number. The student finds the new number on the hundreds chart and colors it in.  5 in a row wins.

Copy of Mat 3 1

Game 4

Fourth activity student will develop mentally subtracting 10 from a number.  

Materials: number cards, mat 4, 100 chart, marker/crayon.

Place the numbers cards face down in a pile and draw 2 cards.  Students build the number and then subtracts 10 from the number.  The student finds the new number on the hundreds chart and colors it in.  5 in a row wins.

Copy of Copy of Mat 4

Game 5

The fifth activity student will develop multiplication and adding skills using the 100 or 120 chart – they choose.  A reminder, the biggest number they will be able to make is 110.

Materials: number cards, mat 5, 100 or 120 chart, marker/crayon.

To play the student places the number cards face down and draws 2 cards. They decide which box to place each of the cards in.  


They draw a 7 and a 3.  They place the 3 in the first box and the 7 in the last box.  

Copy of Copy of Copy of Mat 5

Then they solve the problem. 3 sets of 10 are 30 plus 7 is 37.  Their answer is 37. They find 37 on the 100s chart.  When they have 5 in a row, they win.

Game 6

The sixth activity is just like the third but this time instead of multiplying by 10 students multiply by 5.

Materials: number cards, mat 6, 100 or 120 chart, marker/crayons.


They draw a 7 and 3.  They decide to place the 3 on the first green box and the 7 on the last green box.  

Then they solve the problem.  3 sets of 5 are 15 plus 7 is 22.  Then they find the number on the hundreds chart and fill it in.  When they have 5 in a row, they win.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Mat 6

Game 7

The seventh and final activity the student uses mat 7.  You can use 3 cards or write a number in the center box to practice multiplying by a given number.

Play the same as game 5 and 6.  

Copy of Copy of Mat 7

Bonus Finger Play Video

Hey, how about a random video… perfect for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

Teach your students to spell turkey.

Bonus Color Sheet

One more bonus for you is this color sheet.  Can’t have too many color sheets this time of year.   Again, easy prep and great for your early finishers. Click on the image below to snatch it up.

I hope you enjoyed all of these Turkey Time Activities.  Make sure you go to the previous blog post about more Turkey Time Activities for your classroom. Tomorrow I will have a special bonus blog post and a special art project freebie.  You won’t want to miss this fun turkey art project.

Until tomorrow…

Thanks for being you…. You are the gift. Be good to yourself and share your special gifts with those around you.

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