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Sneak Peek of Independent Letter and Sight Word Practice

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Independent Letter and Sight Word Practice- Sneak Peek

Practicing letters, letter sounds, and sight words can be labor intensive for the teacher. This independent letter and sight word practice tool is easy to prep and easy to use. No more sitting with individual students practicing fundamental skills.  

Not Enough Hours In The Day?

Teaching letters, letter sounds and sight words takes a long time and it requires a lot of practice.  In a perfect world you would sit with each student and guide them through practice. But, we know that there are simply not enough hours in a day to accomplish this impossible task.  So what do we do?

The Homework Solution? That’s a Bad Solution… Until Today.

We send it home for homework in the hopes that students can sit with their parents and practice, or we place practice activities in a center hoping that a group of students can help each other to practice.  Not ideal. But, what are you supposed to do?

Why Homework Doesn’t Work

I always struggled with giving out homework to my students.  I knew the added practice would do them good but I also knew that the chances of the work getting done was pretty slim.  Students needed someone to sit by them and to model the practice and help them with each letter, each letter sound and sight word.  Students had to wait for an available adult to do their homework or practice. Sometimes, the homework got done… sometimes it didn’t.  Then I was back to square one.

Just Clone Yourself

What was I supposed to do clone myself?…. Well that’s exactly what I did.  

Here is a sneak peek at a tool that I think is going to be your go to for homework, centers, and independent learning times.  I really think it is going to make your teacher life better.

Here’s A Sneak Peek

Full disclosure. I’m not even done creating this yet. But, I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek I just can’t wait.  I will have it all wrapped up by Friday but here’s your sample to try out for a few days in your classroom. Then you see its potential for learning in and outside of the classroom.  I know you are going to love it.

What Do You Need?

-A tech device like android/iPad/ipod/computer

-A QR code reader app.

(If you don’t have a qr code reader download an app.)

-Printout “I Can…” Here’s a sneak peek sample.  (More to come on Friday)

Step 1

Print out the printable above.  There are tons of uses for this just as is. (All the uses I will be explaining next week)

Step 2

Notice the QR Code at the top left corner? Scan it with your QR Code Reader app. This will take you to YouTube where all the guided practice videos are housed.  

Step 3

Here comes the guided practice video.  The student can watch and echo back each letter, letter sound and sight word.  Depending on their skill level they can continue to practice with the video or they can use the printable to practice on their own. (Notice the cute chipmunk voice?)

What’s Coming On Friday?

I know that this is just a sample but I want you to have a taste before Friday and, an idea of what you will be getting.

This packet is going to come with 30 pages of practice.  The practices are broken down into forms 1-10. Each form then has 3 pages (a,b, or c) to practice the same skill.  This will help students who might need extra practice by giving them form 1a for at home practice, form 1b for classroom practice and form 1c for a special teacher (title, special education etc) All the same skill just a little different.  Of course I will also include some extras to help you manage this new tool.

More to come…

I still have lots to share with you like …. scope and sequence, organization and checklist tips, student managed progress sheets and more ideas for implementation.  I will be selling this on my TpT store but for my followers to this blog you will be getting it free. (As always) So spread the word if you know someone who would like this easy to use tool.  Send them over to this site and have them sign up. (If they want to start getting tons of stuff for free.) If they do it before Friday (9/28/18) this is just one of the freebies they will get.  

This Freebie Offer Expires Soon

This offer will be going away after Friday.  I won’t have another freebie offer like this until November and I going to have a bunch of free stuff between then and now.  So make sure to get signed up and don’t miss a single freebie.

If they miss the deadline no worries they can still buy it on my TpT store but if they could get it for free that would be great.  

See You On Friday

For all my followers I will be sending you this through email on Friday. For the rest I will have another free sample on Friday to give to you.  So check back.

Until then, rock the rest of this week and be your amazing self.  You are a ray of sun on a cold day. Shine, Shine, Shine.

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