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More Ways To Use Podcasts In Your Classroom

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More Ways To Use Podcasts In Your Classroom

Screen Time Dilemma

In a time where every minute of screen time is scrutinized, podcasts provide a highly engaging form of media that addresses critical skills and brings kids into their mind’s eye to be in a world that only they can experience.  

Last Time...

Last time I introduced you to the world of podcasts and talked about the podcast “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd” and how it could be used in the classroom.  I also gave you a printable to go along with the podcast to give you a way to assess their participation. Make sure you get caught up and get your freebie. (The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Flyoyd) Also, check out the first post if you are new to the world of podcasts.

We will continue to look at podcasts that you can use in your classroom. Today we will look at a podcast that will help your students with their critical thinking.  (And who doesn’t need help with critical thinking?)

Use Podcast to strengthen listening skills

Pants On Fire

Lier, liar, Pants On Fire.  Yep, this is a podcast about lying.  But it has a twist that makes it perfect for the classroom.  Each episode features a topic. It could be cryptocurrency or bees or anything else.  Two adult guests answer questions about the topic. Through questioning, a child contestant, usually between the ages of 8-13, tries to determine which adult is telling the truth and which is lying.  a

podcast student face

Adults Lying To Children

One of the reasons my own children love it is because the adults lie to the kids.  In the end, the child announces who they think is telling the truth and who they think is lying.  The adults fess up, and the expert also reveals some of the lies made by the imposter expert.

You watching Your Students Listen To a Podcast

Pants On Fire- Extinguished

Quick side note. As of February 21, 2019 they have started to add episodes marked “Extinguished”.  These “Extinguished” podcasts deep dive into a previous episode and talk real facts about the previous theme.  The first one is about the heart.  

Teaching listening skills using podcasts. Free printable download

Pants On Fire is Professionally Produced

This podcast is very well produced. It is presented in a game show type format which gives it an extra punch of fun.  Its attention to a quality production makes this a podcast that students will gravitate toward. The audio is amazing and the “characters” are theatrical and high energy.

Pants On Fire Facts

Pants of Fire is part of a collection of podcasts provided by Gen-Z Media.  They have a bunch more podcast that you may find useful.

Where Can You Find “Pants on Fire”?

Pants on Fire Website

apple podcast

iHeart Radio


Make Students Critical Thinking/Listening Geniuses

When people say “Critical Thinking” a lot of things might come to mind.

Critical thinking is using the knowledge that we have, to reason and question so that we can come up to a conclusion.

Don’t you wish the world was better at critical thinking and listening?  It seems we are losing the ability to listen, question and come to our own conclusions.  Let’s give this generation some tools to strengthen their critical thinking skills. The fate of the world depends on it… For Real.

Just Listen

One way to use this podcast in the classroom is just to listen and then discuss.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

This is one of the reasons I like love the idea of the “Pants On Fire” podcasts for the classroom.  Each episode is easy prep, high engagement and they tackle the skills of listening, visualization, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking.

Printable Freebie

You knew it was coming…. YOUR FREEBIE.  

I made this printable template for you and your students.  Use it each time you listen to the podcast so that students can organize their thinking and present their conclusions.  

This is could be one of those activities you are going to do when you and students need a little break from the stresses of the day.  

5 Part Template Printable Explained

Part 1 Topic

Students write what the topic of the “Pants On Fire” podcast in the rectangle

This is where students write the topic

Part 2 Guest Files

Two guests are introduced at the beginning of the podcast. One is an expert, the other a liar. The guests also explain their qualification that would make them an expert on the topic. Keep in mind that one of the adults is lying and so their qualifications are made up as well.  Sometimes hearing their stated qualification helps to reveal the truth as the podcast progresses.

Guest Files Illustrated

Part 3 Truth vs. Lie Tally

This is where students can keep track of statements that they feel are a lie or the truth.  As each expert answers questions, students can evaluate each statement and mark the smile for truth and the fire for a lie.  It’s an easy way to record data quickly.

Tally how many lies and truths.

Part 4 Guess Who’s The Liar

Students evaluate and analyze the data they have been given and write the guest who they think is the liar in the flame.  

I would pause the podcast here and let the students talk and explain who they think the liar is.  They need to give reasons and state instances where they think a lie occurred. This is great for strengthening the skills of persuasion, analysis, and communication.

Give a guess on who you think is the liar.

Part 5 The Results

Students listen for the results and place the guest’s name who is telling the truth in the smile box and the guest who is lying in the flame box.  


Why not bring in an expert and a liar into your own classroom?  Have your students ask questions and then decide which is the expert and which is the liar. You could tie it into an area of study or just some random interesting topic. This is a fun way to get the community into your classroom.  


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The Blueberry Pancake Problem

I will also give you the affiliate link to my book “The Blueberry Pancake Problem”  It’s a fun counting book perfect for the kids ages 1-8.


We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Next Time & Comment

Next time we will look at a podcast that is perfect for putting history into the classroom.

Comment down below on how you will use the “Pants On Fire” podcast in your classroom.

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