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Teaching Number Sense Wit Ten Frames

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More Fall Fun Ten Frames Practice

Ah, Fall.  It’s full of color, fun and pumpkins.  It also means learning number sense in the early primary grades. And just like in last weeks post, we are again building an arsenal of fun number sense activities for your classroom.  

Last week you got a fun free game called “Flash” using ten frames.  It checked all the boxes, easy to prep, easy to play, engaging for students.  If you didn’t get that fun freebie make sure you go to that post and grab it. 

Ten Frames are Da' Bomb

More On Ten Frames

Today we dig deeper into the world of ten frames.  We know from last week that ten frames are the ultimate tool in building number sense because they help students visualize number.  From there they can easily start to compose and decompose numbers first through 5 then through 10 and then all the way to 20.

We talked about how important it is to spend a lot of time giving students opportunity to practice with ten frames.  

Number sense meme

Play is Practice

We also talked about how numbers sense can only be learned by “playing” with numbers. This Pumpkin Patch Bingo game using ten frames to practice number sense from 1-20 is just the ticket to practice counting and internalizing number sense in the primary grades.

You Asked For It.... You Got It

Many of you have the Pumpkin Patch Ten Frame Bingo Set 1(Here’s my TpT link if you want it) and you wanted Set 2 soooo…..

Just in time for October and November Math.  A fun pumpkin theme that will last for this Fall season. (Prep this once and use it for months.- Oh yeah!! Dats’ what I’m talkin’ bout.)

Here’s the Rundown Of How To Play and What’s Included

Easy to prep and so many uses.

Prep is simple… Print, cut out the calling cards, play the game. (I LOVE EASY PREP!!!!)

Prep Once Play 6 Games

One prep session is going to give you 6 different games to play.  These games can be played on small or large groups.

Play All 6 Games in a Math Center Rotation

A great idea is to play all 6 games at once in a math bingo rotation.  6 rotations each with a different Pumpkin Patch Ten Frame Bingo at each rotation station.  Perfect for the day before or after Halloween when your students are going to need an extra engaging activity.  

Here’s a video to explain the concept of the 6 game rotation.

3 Kinds Calling Cards

Type 1 Calling Cards -The Ten Frame Calling Card- lets your students have “easy” number sense practice just by matching quantities from the calling card to the bingo card.

Type 2 Calling Cards – Whole Number Card- lets your students practice converting numbers (symbolic) into (concrete) on the bingo card.

Type 3 Calling Cards-Addition Sentence- lets your students practice solving addition problems then finding the answer in ten frame form on their bingo card.  

Calling Card tenframe
Calling Card tenframe Numbers
Calling Card tenframe Add
Calling Card Pumpking tenframe 5 1
Calling Card Pumpking tenframe 5 3
Calling Card Pumpking tenframe 5 2

2 Different Games To Let You Customize Game Length

Which do you want? 3 In a Row Wins or 5 In a Row Wins???? You get both.

Each with a class set of 25 bingo cards to choose from.  That’s 50 cards total.

Pumpking tenframe Bingo Card 2
Pumpking tenframe Bingo Card 3

Why 2 Different Games?

You know your day…. Sometimes you have a lot of time and you need a fun engaging activity.  Sometimes you have very little time but … ugg… You still need a fun engaging activity.

This has got you covered.  Use either the 3-in-a-row Wins for those times when time is tight OR 5-in-a-row Wins when you have the time to play a longer game.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Your class is going to love the variety of challenge and you are going to love how engaged they are in practicing number sense.  (And did I mention the easy prep?)

Just print and play.  

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A Freebie for Everybody

Now you know how I love giving everyone freebies in every post so even if you don’t follow me through email I still want you to have something because….. well, because I love you too.  

Pumpkin Hundreds Chart … Free For All

I made this cute little pumpkin patch hundreds chart for all your fall needs.  And remember the big freebie from the last post? It will go perfectly with this hundreds chart.  Just click on the image below.  

If you aren’t an email subscriber click over to the side and get signed up. Then the next time I send out a freebie it will be sent out to you too.  I send out as many freebies as I can. I don’t like filling your inbox with junk… just freebies.

Until Next Time

That’s it for now.  Comment down below on how you use bingo games in your class.  

Next week, we will talk about Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I’ve got some great tips on how to make them amazing.

Now go be your amazing self.  Be kind to yourself and celebrate your victories.  

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