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New - Quick and Easy Greeting and Line Up Songs Chants For Positive Classroom Management

In Episode 21, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…

Classroom management and transitions are more fun with these easy to learn greeting and line up songs and chants.

These kindergarten and first grade songs and chants are easy to learn and use in your classroom. After 2 or 3 uses they will be cemented into your routine. 

 Don’t forget to get the mentioned PDF of all the chants we used today so you can print it and use it to reference for when you need a quick reminder.  You will use these to start the day with the greeting chants and you will use these chants to end your day with the Hi-Ho Chant. The line up songs and chants are perfect for going out to recess, lunch and just needing to get your students to line up fast. 

 So let’s start rockin’ today’s episode and learn some new fun classroom chants that will make you and your students’ day more fun. Here we go. 

IG ep 21

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Episode 21 At A Glance

Time Stamp
Episode Preview- :14
Welcome- 1:00
Greeting and Line up Songs & Chants 6:00

  •  Hi-Ho 8:25
  • Get Up 10:48
  • Recess 13:00
  • Lunch 13:30
  • Hello Neighbor 15:19
  • Good Morning Everyone 18:15
  • Good Morning To You 19:15

Close: 22:00

Teacher Resource Recommendations

8 greeting and line up songs and chants PDF download- Free. Click the picture below.

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Songs And Chants For The Virtual Classroom

Speaking of Live Streams and Songs and Chants… Catch the replay where we talked about engaging students in the virtual learning classroom. Hint: Look for the songs and chants.  

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