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Odd and Even Number Maze- Math Freebie

An Odd and Even Number Maze?  Yes!!  This math freebie lets your students practice their odd and even number identification skills in a fun game format.  

As promised here it is ……. ANOTHER FREEEEEBBBBIE.  

So that makes 4 total freebies to date with another 2 freebies just waiting to jump into your possession in the next 2 weeks. (Every Tuesday, Rain or Shine)

This Odd and Even Maze is fun and simple.  (Is there anything better than fun and simple?— Nope!)

Directions are: To find your way through the pancake maze spin the spinner to see which sticky odd or even number you will move to next.  If you get “stuck” spin until you get “unstuck”.

I like to place these printable in a sheet protector and use it as an early finisher activity.  They can play it again and again. Very little prep on your part and a lot of odd and even number engagement practice on their part.  


Click Here to get your Odd and Even Number Maze. 

What’s With All The Blueberry Pancake Stuff??

Alas, you might be wondering- “What’s the deal with all the pancake stuff?”  Well they all go with the book “The Blueberry Pancake Problem”.  

This is a great counting book (that I wrote) that I’ve created a bunch of freebies for you to help build this book into a mini unit.  

In addition to a mini unit if you’ve got a sub coming- Use it then.  Need a fun unit? Use it.  Hunkering for some pancakes?  (Well I can’t send you a pancake with blueberries on it but I can send you a free pdf book. Click here to find out how.)

Don’t have the book well you have 3 options:

So…. What could be better than all these freebies and would you like them all in one place, delivered right to you?

And would you like “The Blueberry Pancake Problem” PDF book as a special thank you?

It’s easy to get.  

Sign up to get the free pdf book and extra freebies and other “stuff” sent right to your inbox.

Let’s get this party started.  

Just sign up….it’s easy. Click here. 

Free Ebook, 6 free Freebies?  Yep.  

Have you checked out the YouTube Video that goes with the book.  Here it is. 

Now go be your amazing self (with free ebook and freebies in hand).  

Next post is yet another freebie that address more writing skills.  (Wheww. Are you sick of freebies yet.  Nah, me either.)

See you soon.   

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