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Why I Became A Teacher- A Male Kindergarten Teacher’s Perspective

In Episode 13, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…

Should I become a teacher? Should I continue my teaching career? Becoming a teacher and staying in education is a big decision. Today Connor Kline talks with us about why he decided to become a teacher and what motivates him to continue his teaching career. Listen in on the stories from his teaching journey and kindergarten classroom.

gray colored pencil surrounding a yellow colored pencil. Title Why? I became a teacher. A Male Kindergarten Teacher's Perspective. Podcast Rockin' This Teacher Thing Podcast

Episode 13 At A Glance

Here’s Episode 13 At A Glance

Intro: :07

Supply Checklist: 1:02

Connor Kline: 3:45

Livestream Info: 37:17

Closing: 36:57

Hear The Episode Here

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