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Teacher Binder Palooza-Make It With Me

In Episode 14, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…

A teacher binder is the easiest and most effective way of say yes to teacher organization. Everything you need is one place. No more searching and searching, and searching…. UGGGGGGG. Leave that behind a build your teacher binder right now.  In today’s episode, you will get a Teacher Binder Starter Kit so you can actually take action today.  The coming school year promises to be one of uncertainty but you can be certain about one thing, and that's you are going to be ready for anything with the help of your teacher binder.  We’ve got work to do so let’s start rockin' today’s episode.   Here we go.   

Episode 14 At A Glance

Intro: :07

Welcome: 1:02

Good News- Thank YOU!!!: 3:34

Checklist Download: 5:00

Teacher Binder Why and How To: 6:40

Live Stream Update: 23:10

Closing: 23:33

Hear The Episode Here

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Looking For The Freebie? Well, Here It Is!!!

In this episode, we mentioned the following freebie:

Click Here: 200+ Supply Checklist 

Freebie #2- Oh, Yah, Baby!!!!!

teacher binder dividers

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Angie K

Angie K

I love to help teachers create an amazing teacher life.
I've taught for 25+ years and I want to help you find joy and energy in each day.

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