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Free Leprechaun Craft

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St. Patrick's Day Crafts Yahoo!!

It’s March and time to get your green on.  Here’s a treasure chest full of St. Patrick’s day craft ideas to make your St Patrick’s day decorating easy, fun, and festive.  

Shamrock Crayon Resist With A Twist

Shamrock crayon resist with a colorful salty twist is so fun.

We all love the crayon resist. It’s simple, fun, and yields great results.  Perfect of preschool and up. Traditionally students would take their shamrock and use a crayon to color and then get watercolor set out and paint over to make the crayon markings pop.

Shamrock With a Twist

The Twist

But here’s a little fun addition to your projects.  Use colored salt to add some more fun and “texture” to the project.

How do you make colored salt?

Dyed Salt

It’s really easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Vinegar, Liquid Watercolor

Step 1 Vinegar and liquid water color

Step one put a capful of vinegar and a dab of paint in a zip-top sandwich bag.  Squish it around.

Step 2 Add Salt

dye Salt 2

Add salt and squish it around some more.

Step 3- Let It Dry

Let the salt dry on some paper towels

Lay the salt out on a tripled up paper towel.  Let it dry. Done… Yep, it’s that easy.

Sprinkle On The Crayon Resist

Now you can sprinkle it on your crayon resist…. Humm, I wonder if the colored salt will make the paint turn colors????  Try it and find out.

Finished Shamrock with crayon resist and dyed salt

Your Next Craft- Leprechaun Guy

Here’s your second craft.   This Leprechaun is going to turn out great because of the pre-made printables.  Copy the beard, head, arms/legs, and shoes onto construction paper. Cut the rest of the pieces and you are ready to assemble.

Get The Craft Free Or on TPT

You can get the full instructions for free by clicking here. (Click here for your Free Leprechaun Craft and Bonuses) or go to my TpT Store to purchase it.  

Fun Free Leprechaun Craft

Hat, Body, Beard, Face

Here’s how he goes together.  

First, make his hat.  Then, the body. Cut out the beard and face and attach them to the body.  

Put your leprechaun together

Legs, Arms, Feet and Face

Cut out and attach the legs, arms, and hand.  

He’s starting to look real.

Final cut out his shoes and attach the buckle. Glue it on his legs.

Give your Leprechaun a face. Time to break out the googly eyes for some added fun.

Add his face.

He’s done and ready for display.

Leprechaun Craft
Finished Leprechaun

Leprechaun Craft And Bonuses

Oh so cute and ready for mischief.  Use the leprechaun as decoration or give him the job of holding a creative writing piece.  

If you want this craft head to my TpT store. OR You can get it for free by clicking the picture down below.  I will send it right to your inbox.


Also included are shamrock color/template sheets and a fun chant to practice counting syllables.  It’s called the shamrock shuffle.

And If you still need some more fun I have this cute little color sheet for you as well.

This cute little monster is waiting for St. Patrick’s Day.

Decorate with all of these cute St. Patrick’s Day Crafts.  

I hope your students love it.

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