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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft, Art Activity Gobble, Wobble, Waddle

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Gobble, Wobble, Waddle- Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Making a Thanksgiving turkey craft is always the highlight of the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  Students love to decorate their home with turkeys, pilgrims, and cornucopia. Make this the best year ever with this Gobble, Wobble, Waddle Thanksgiving Turkey Craft.

Unique Craft For Home or The Classroom

The kids will love this funny little Gobble, Wobble, Waddle  Thanksgiving Turkey Craft.  Its easy to prep and assemble. The perfect project to keep the kids out of your hair on Thanksgiving day or for a fun classroom art project.  

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


The material list is small, and the directions are simple.  Get your students creative on by turning them loose on how to decorate this fun craft.

Here's What You Need

  • Paper plate
  • Paint or markers
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Stapler
  • Glue or Masking tape
  • Turkey Printable
  • Feathers (optional)
  • Google eyes (optional)
Thanksgiving Turkey Craft surrounded by craft materials

Step 1

Prepare the paper plate by decorating the underside using paint or markers.

paint underside of paper plate

I only had these plates laying around.  I am guessing that the better plates to use are the cheap ones.  They don’t have the wax coating, and they are going to fold easier in the next step.  

I used markers on one of the Gobble, Wobble, Waddle Turkeys and Paint on the next.  You decide which you want to do.

Of course, your students will want to paint, but it will probably depend on you and the time frame you want to get this project done by.      

Step 2

Step 2-Staple the painted plate

Now you are going to make the plate “wobble” so your turkey can “waddle.”  

Fold the paper plate in half with the colored or painted side facing out.  The sturdier the plate, the harder this is going to be. If you are doing this with preschool, you may have to fold it for them.

Staple the folded paper plate at the end of the folds on each side. (Now it wobbles.)

Make the plate “wobble” by folding the paper plate in half so that the underside of the plate is on the outside.

wobble done

Step 3

Print out the free turkey download.  I used plain paper on one turkey and card stock on the other.  Again, it seems like it just boils down to a matter of preference.  

thanksgiving turkey craft turkey template being colored
thanksgiving turkey craft turkey template being cut-out with scissors

Step 4

Feather time.  I like to attach the feathers with masking tape.  Make the little loop thingy and place it where the feathers are going to go.  The glue idea is great if you have time and your students can handle the drippy glue and feathers all at the same time.  You could be asking for a gluey feathery mess. If you try it let me know in the comments below how it turned out.

For now, let’s just use the tape and stick those feather onto the tape.

Use tape to attach the feathers to the turkey craft

Step 5

Attach googly eyes to colored, cut out turkey.

Attach the colored turkey to the front of the feathers using tape or glue.


Attach the googly eyes
Attach the turkey with tape

Display those Thanksgiving turkey crafts proudly.  Aren’t they just the cutest. Your students will love how they wobble and waddle.  It takes quite the push to get them to topple over.

Here’s your freebie: Click on the image below. Aaaannnnnddddd for more freebies for Thanksgiving check out these posts: 

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Happy Thanksgiving.  

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Let’s see if these turkeys can take over Thanksgiving.

Did you catch the turkey videos?

Great for preschool and kindergarten.

Here they are again in case you missed them.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  No post next week but I will see you in December.  

Now go be your amazing self.  And feel free to share this Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with your teacher bestie. 

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