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Classroom Supplies For Your K-1 Classroom

notebook with the words "Classroom Supplies K-1" pencils, paper clips and tape surrounding

Classroom Supplies For Your K-1 Classroom The Classroom Supply Question You Ask Yourself EVERY Year No matter if you are a first year or veteran teacher there’s one question that you ask yourself every year. “What classroom supplies do I need for next year?” We even ask our teacher friends, “What are you ordering next […]

Teacher Binder Organization, Get Organized In Minutes

Be Organized - Make A Teacher Binder

Teacher Binder Organization, Get (And Stay) Organized In Minutes Summary: Using a teacher binder to organize your teacher life is one of the best things you can do to alleviate teacher stress.  This free download includes a teacher binder cover as well as other divider pages to keep you organized this school year. (Check Out […]

Morning Activities For Students Made Easy

Morning Activities for Students Made Easy

Morning Activities For Students Made Easy Morning activities for students that require your them to be engaged, independent, and learning are essential to a successful learning environment.  Grab these free easy prep printables to get your student’s day off to a great start. Establishing Routine On the top of the morning activities for students priority […]

Build A Class Chant For A Happy School Year

build a Class Chant

Building Classroom Chants For A Happy School Year Set yourself up for a happy school year by establishing classroom rules and classroom chants to review classroom expectations everyday.   Picture this: 1:35 pm, your administrator walks in for an unannounced observation.  He sits on a small chair at the back of the room and crosses […]

Hand Poem Activity For Back-To-School

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Handprint Poem Craft For the First Day Of School The first day of school is magical.  Everyone is so excited and a little nervous. (Even the teachers) This special day deserves a special project. Use this hand poem for your first class craft. Handprint Poem To Help Parents I wrote this poem a few years […]

75+ Classroom Supplies For Teachers

Back To School Supply List For Teachers

75+ Classroom Supplies For Teachers What are the classroom supplies you need for your the new school year? Keep reading to download the free 75+ Classroom Supplies for Teachers checklist.  This list also includes a list of personal self care items that will bring joy into your teacher life. Three Cheers For Teacher School Supplies […]

Back To School Welcome Packet Essentials

Welcome Packet Post

Back To School Welcome Packet Getting ready for a new school year requires a TON of work.  There’s no way around it. If you are a primary teacher then your job is even a bit more of a challenge. This series breaks down this overwhelming undertaking into time and tasks. We are focusing on the […]