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OT tips to help improve student academic performance

Child gripping a pencil With the title "OT Tips

Get Help With Pencil Grip, Muscle Strength, Midline Cross-Over, Left Handed Students and More With OT, Angie Holmes In Episode 23, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Ready for some easy to implement tools to help ALL of your students? Occupational Therapist, Angie Holmes, joins us today to give us useful tips on how to strengthen […]

What Is An SPL?

Title: What's An SLP? How Can They Help You Teacher?

What’s An SLP? In Episode 18, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…  Today we talk with Speech Language Pathologist extraordinaire, Angie Dailey. Angie shares her insights as a Speech and Language Pathologist.  She gives us information about what SLPs can do to help your students, gives us some speech and language milestones, as well as some […]