3 Simple Tricks To Get Student Attention

Attention getters for Kindergarten

3 Simple Tricks To Get Student Attention “Magical” Attention Getters For Kindergarten and First-Grade Getting  student attention requires just a few simple steps. Use these easy “MAGICAL” attention-getting techniques and your students will be hanging on your every word. (See the full YouTube Video at the bottom of this post.) Getting Kindergarten And First-Grade Students’ […]

Early Finisher Problems? Tips and How-Tos For Your K-1 Classroom

ep 22 early Finisher

Setting Up Early Finisher Activities in a Social Distancing and Distance Learning Classroom In Episode 22, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…  Early Finisher Activities are a part of every K-1 classroom but with the new requirements brought by social distancing, and distance learning, using early finisher activities from the past might not be usable.  Today […]

Maximize Teacher Talk

Amie ep 17

Using Effective Teacher Language- A Book Review of The Power Of Our Words In Episode 17, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Teachers talk… a lot. But, knowing what to say to get specific results can be trickier than you think.  Today we talk with Amie Trudnowski about a book she read called “The Power Of […]

How To Use Transition Songs In The Classroom

Graphic Title "How To Use Transition Songs in the Classroom" sub title "Turning Chaos Into Compliance" background piano keys

Use Music To Transition Students When music is coupled with routine your transition times are going to be filled with fun and efficiency. No more telling students what to do. “Put your papers away and go back to your seat,- PuT YOUr PAPERs Away and go Back To YOUR SEAT (x50) PUT YOUR PAPERS AWAY […]

4 Easy Ways to Build Relationships with Kindergarten Students

Title: 4 Easy Ways To Build Relationships with Kindergarten and First Grade Students

4 Easy Ways to Build Relationships with Kindergarten Students Overview: Building relationships with students is the cornerstone to good classroom management.  But how do you develop strong relationships with 5-year-olds? Here are 4 easy ways to build relationships with kindergarten students. Happy Classrooms Having excellent classroom management is essential for a happy classroom.   It means […]

If You Don’t Have A Solid Morning Routine You’ve Got Nothing

Bear Crying with the text saying If You Don't Have A Solid Morning Routine You've Got Nothing

Solid Morning Routine Or Bust Overview: A sure-fire way to make yourself miserable is to skip the morning routine with your students.   If you are into misery and frustration or you want to be an ordinary teacher and do just enough to get by, well then skip the morning routine and stop reading now.  If […]

3 Lists to Stop Holiday Teacher Stress

Holiday Stress header

3 Lists to Stop Holiday Teacher Stress December. Full of fun and excitement, gift giving, poor nutrition, late nights, and extra classroom projects (with glitter).  It’s great. It’s horrible (glitter in your belly button that is…) The exhaustion is real. The excitement is real. The kids are crazy (for real.) The teachers are tired (for […]

38 Routines and Procedures You Must Teach Your Students

Routines and Procedures

38 Routines and Procedures You Must Teach Your Students Routines,  they’re the stuff a successful year is made out of.  They are the difference between crying in the bathroom or dancing in the halls.  (That goes for kids and teachers alike).  Here are 6 tips to get you going and a list of 38 routines […]

5 Effective Tips For Managing Bothersome Bathroom Issues

bathroom tips

5 Effective Tips for Managing Bothersome Bathroom Issues Ahhh, the bathroom. It’s private. It’s quiet. What’s not to love? Well, ask any teacher and they will let you know it’s at the top of their list of agravations. How can you turn the bothersome bathroom issues around? Keep reading for some easy and dare I […]