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Fluency and Fitness Podcast Interview

fluency and fitness interview

Rockin’ This Teacher Thing Welcomes – Fluency and Fitness In Episode 27, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Wouldn’t it be great if kids could move while engaged in learning and skills practice? Can it be done from home or in a socially distancing classroom? Oh YES!!!! Today we have Brittany Lynch from Fluency & Fitness. […]

Early Finisher Problems? Tips and How-Tos For Your K-1 Classroom

ep 22 early Finisher

Setting Up Early Finisher Activities in a Social Distancing and Distance Learning Classroom In Episode 22, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing…  Early Finisher Activities are a part of every K-1 classroom but with the new requirements brought by social distancing, and distance learning, using early finisher activities from the past might not be usable.  Today […]

Get Sub Tub and Distance Learning Resource Ready

Get Your Sub Tub Equipped

Get Sub Tub and Distance Learning Resource Ready In Episode 20, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Let’s get some free resources into your sub tub. Or maybe you will use them for distance learning. Today you will get 3 sub tub friendly resources. If you haven’t heard of the book The Blueberry Pancake Problem today […]

Do You Know About Flip Signs And Other Tools For The Virtual Classroom?

A Blog post about using

Flip Signs and Other Tools For Your Virtual Classroom In Episode 19, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Today’s episode is about flip signs and other tools you need for your virtual or distance learning classroom. It’s all about you getting equipped with a few simple tools so that you end your online sessions with a […]