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Fluency and Fitness Podcast Interview

fluency and fitness interview

Rockin’ This Teacher Thing Welcomes – Fluency and Fitness In Episode 27, of Rockin’ This Teacher Thing… Wouldn’t it be great if kids could move while engaged in learning and skills practice? Can it be done from home or in a socially distancing classroom? Oh YES!!!! Today we have Brittany Lynch from Fluency & Fitness. […]

How To Use Podcasts In Your Classroom-2019

podcasts in the classroom

Podcasts For Your Classroom Podcast popularity is on the rise.  Don’t be the last teacher in the hall to use this free engaging resources in your classroom. Screen Time Alternative In a time when everyone is up in arms about screen time, podcasts are the must have technology tool for your classroom. Let’s Learn About […]

Thinking About Next School Year?

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Thinking About Next School Year Many of you are getting out or are out of school, and I know what you are doing. You are thinking about next year. Well that’s good and that’s bad. Give yourself a break.   Self care goes a long ways in preparing you to be your most amazing self. My […]